West-Line Studio will hold an activity to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Frank Lloyd Wright's birth at different time. The first time starts at 4:00 pm on June  23rd(tomorrow) and the second starts on Sunday, June 25, at 4:30 pm. The activity will be presented by Mindaugas Skrupskelis, the architect of West-Line Studio.

In 1991, the American Institute of Architects highly praised Frank Lloyd Wright as the greatest American architect in history. In his whole life, he completed more than 500 pieces of architectural works. And even to this day, these works still attract great attention and are used for learning. Not only that, he founded the school and has served for many years, therefore, many young people went into the construction industry. In history, there are very few architects can go beyond him.



Works of Frank Lloyd Wright:

Falling water


The Guggenheim Museum  


Taliesin West


Robie House


Activity Address: Academic Salon Area in West-Line Studio. 9th Floor, JianKan Masion, No.101 Bihai south road, Guanshanhu district, Guiyang city, Guizhou province.

There will be some cakes provided for the participants. And architects, students of architecture and people who are interested in architecture are welcomed to join us.

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