The West-Line studio has been founded for over ten years, and has always been paying attention to the basic working pattern - geopolitical order + public life model + atmosphere creating + composite construction. Its establishment is conducive to maintain the original status of the geographical space and the stable expression of the emotions. It even contributes to realize a coexisting structure of place order and place spirit in the background of the contemporary universal society, which effectively protect the humanity of the rural habitats and seek the reconstruction method of the rural social public life in the background of the dual social structure (universal + consanguineous).



Haobo Wei      Lead Architect of West-line Studio


Jingsong Xie    The Head of West-line Studio

Lead Architect of West-line Studio

Professor Senior Architect

Lead Architect of WB International Workstation.

Special allowance expert of the State Council.

Young Architects Award of The 8th ARCHITECTURAL SOCIETY OF CHINA.

Honorable member of the Royal Institute of British Architects.


Communication Editor of Human Settlements Forum in West China. 

Postgraduate’s Tutor of Chongqing University

Honorary Professor of Tianjin Polytechnic University

Part-time Professor of Guizhou University

he won German Design Award 2018 - Gold, LEAF Awards 2018,

A+Awards 2018 and so on

Lead Architect of West-line Studio

Professor Senior Architect

Head of WB International Workstation

she won Wan Awards 2018,

German Design Award 2018 - Gold,

A+Awards 2018 and so on

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